Top 8 Bollywood Love Story Movies To Watch

These are the Top 8 Bollywood Love Story Movies To Watch  . A stupid thing called love. While our Bollywood romances usually always involved dancing round the trees, followed the standard ‘boy meets girl’ format, finally films and scripts changed for the higher and that we were confer with some of these gems, that spoke to us.

Feelings that we couldn’t define or describe, found their way into these films and characters.

so the Top 8 Bollywood Love Story Movies To Watch are as follows:

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Simran Singh is an NRI living in London, who hopes to satisfy her suitor some day. However, her mother Lajjo warns her against this act, as her conservative and traditional father Baldev have already arranged for her to eventually marry Baldev’s old friend’s son, Kuljeet in Punjab.

Before this happens, Simran asks her father to permit her to explore Europe together with her friends and he reluctantly agrees.

At an equivalent time, the care-free and charming Raj Malhotra too plans a visit across Europe. When Simran and Raj bump into each other and he incessantly flirts with her, she is annoyed.

But when the 2 get separated from their friends, they find yourself spending time together and falling crazy .

However, when she returns home and tells her mother that she has fallen in love, Baldev overhears the conversation and his rage knows no bounds.

He plans a trip for India the next day, with the intent of separating Simran from her lover. But Raj isn’t one to prevent , and at the urge of his father, he follows Simran, hoping to form her his bride.

Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

The story takes place in a very  fictitious village named  Raanjhar in Gujarat. The two major communities in the village, Rajadi and Sanada are hardcore enemies of each other for more than five hundred years.

Ram is the younger son of the big authority in village of Rajadi community. Ram makes his livelihood from doing business of stolen cars as well as runs a video parlour.

However, Ram does not like the violence committed by the two communities in the village, although he does not say it clearly.

On the eve of Holi celebrations held by the opponent Sanada community, Ram comes across the stunning .

who is the younger loving daughter of another village bigwig, Dhankhor. The beautiful Leela is fearless in nature.

She notices Ram and gets mesmerized by him and falls for him. The two soon start sharing sweet love bond despite of the opposition from their orthodox families. One unlucky day turns the lives of these lovebirds upside down by changing the whole story.

The elder brother of Leela, Kanji and Ram’s elder brother  fall into serious verbal disagreements. The situation turns bitter and Kanji kills Ram’s brother by mistake.

Shocked to see this, Ram loses control over his emotions and murders Kanji, thereby strengthening the enmity.

Leela, who is deeply in love with Ram, comes to know about this and a twisted series of events follow.

Jab we met

The movie shows a train journey between two individuals called Geet and Aditya within the heart of Punjab and that they eventually fall for every other.

Aditya may be a lost industrialist and furthermore he has also lost the love of his life

because the girl he liked was getting married to somebody else and thus he gathers the courage to maneuver out of the house and roam aimlessly within the trains.

Geet on the opposite hand may be a talkative girl, something on the brink of annoyance and she or he meets Aditya on the thanks to Bhatinda.

Both of them somehow miss the train the method of bringing along one another and eventually Geet’s parents meet Aditya and mistake him for Kareena’s lover,

but Geet runs away to her boyfriend and Aditya goes to his ailing business…

Om Shanti Om

Movie Om Shanti Om tells us  the story of a  well known character Om, a junior artist within the Bombay film industry of the 1970s, and Shanti Priya, a huge star during a secret marriage with a movie producer, Mike.

Om is crazy with Shanti. Om who  witnesses the cruel murder of Shanti by Mike because he  just wants to marry an industrialist’s daughter.

The murder takes place at a palatial set that’s burnt down by Mike leaving Shanti locked inside.

Om could also be a helpless witness to this and is finally killed in an accident when he tries to urge help.

This story is actually set within the amount of the late 1970s and early 1980s. We then move to the present and thus the story of reincarnation.

Om is now a young man and a huge star mentioned as Om Kapoor (O.K.). within the second half of the film O.K. recalls his previous birth in flashes.

The climax of the film is staged within an equivalent palatial set with Mike, now a significant Hollywood producer who has returned to India to resume business.

A lookalike of Shanti who becomes the bait through whom O.K. takes his revenge, killing Mike at the same site where Shanti orginally was murdered.

 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Aditya Chopra return with an honest movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is that the story of an \’odd\’ couple played by Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma who find true love within the backdrop of a dance competition called \”Dancing Jodi\”.

Shah Rukh Khan as Surinder Sahni , a person working for Punjab Power, who falls crazy with Taani as Anushka Sharma the flamboyant, fun-loving,

vivacious girl for whom the entire world is her canvas and she or he paints her own life with the colors of rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them together.

They marry and lead a not-so happy life thanks to huge age difference between Surinder and Taani. Taani, meanwhile, wants to participate during a reality dance show called \”Dancing Jodi,\” which is that the main backdrop of the movie.

The dance contest which  showcases couples of all different  races, colours, backgrounds and sexual preferences.

Taani wants to require part for the show, but she isn’t ready to thanks to her husband\’s lack of fashion statement.

afterward when Surinder finds out about his wife\’s wish to participate within the reality dance show, he undergoes a serious change.

Taani keeps falling crazy together with her changed husband.

Aashiqui 2

Aashiqui may be a musical romantic story of Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Aarohi Shirke( Shraddha Kapoor).

Rahul may be a former singing sensation but now lives a troubled life while Aarohi is an aspiring singer who sings to support her family.

The destiny decides them to urge familiar with one another . Rahul’s life is filled with troubles and he has totally lost the interest in his life.

But when he meets Aarohi, his heart skips a beat and he falls crazy together with her .

Noticing the spark in Aarohi, Rahul decides to form her subsequent singing sensation of India.

Aashiqui 2 takes you thru a musical venture of two love birds who experience ups and downs , twists and turns in their budding relationship and lives.

what’s destiny’s next plan for these lovers? Will they be ready to live happily ever after or their relationship will suffer with the success and failures of their lives?

Sanam teri kasam

The success of Inder Lal Parihar, a talented lawyer, leads him to think of his past.

a woman from his past, Saru, may be a simple, non glamorous lady which makes her unable to seek out an appropriate husband.

Unfortunately her younger sister Kaveri, who is gorgeous and already features a suitable groom cannot marry until her older sister has found a husband.

Saraswati takes matters into her own hands and seeks the assistance of Inder, her neighbour who is additionally dating a stylist.

When the 2 get close, misunderstandings happen and both Saru and Inder are separated from her father and his girlfriend.

Inder falls crazy with Saru after her makeover, but when Saru’s crush proposes, Inder has got to stay silent and provides her the prospect to be happy.

The lunchbox

Lonely  alone housewife Ila (Nimrat Kaur) who decides to undertake adding some spice to her stale marriage by preparing a special lunch for her neglectful husband.

Unfortunately, the delivery goes astray and lands up within the hands of Saajan (Irrfan Khan), an irritable widower.

inquisitive about her husband’s lack of response, Ila adds a note to subsequent day’s lunchbox,

and thus begins an unusual friendship during which Saajan and Ila can mention their joys and sorrows without ever meeting face to face .

so these were the Top 8 Bollywood Love Story Movies To Watch .

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