Some Underrated Psycho Thriller You Need To Watch

Jumping at a scary scene during a horror movie is one thing, but psychological thrillers are all about messing together with your mind — and that is a completely different ballgame.

There are Some Underrated Psycho Thriller You Need To Watch.

So these is the list:


It’s a few serial murderer who is on a killing spree, as school kids are his target. a sensible young cop who has just joined the police has got to track him down, as his family becomes the killer’s target.

From its very opening scene, Ramkumar makes it clear that Ratsasan isn’t getting to be a simple watch. Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker who has done detailed research on serial killers across the planet for the script of his thriller film.

But producers reject his stories citing various reasons including the dark tone of the topic .






The machinist(2004)

Trevor, who is an insomniac and hasn’t got his sleep for months starts too .

He notice  that a  strange man following him everywhere,but no  one except Trevor seems to notice the strange man,meanwhile experiencing strange happenings in workplace and home.Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as call girl Stevie.



The gift(2015)

Simon (played by Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) are a happily marriage and have just moved, thanks to a promotion for Simon, to l. a. from Chicago. Simon bumps into someone he knew at college , 20 years ago – Gordon (Joel Edgerton).

Gordon starts sending the couple  different gifts and starts dropping around their house unexpectedly. Initially they’re happy to humour him but he’s not really a lover of theirs and may be a bit creepy, in order that they ask him to remain faraway from them.

Gordon obliges but from his parting note Robyn thinks that there could also be an event in Simon and Gordon’s schooldays that Simon doesn’t want to speak about. So she starts investigating…


Requiem for a dream(2000)


Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn) may be a retired widow, living during a small apartment.

She spends most of her time watching TV, especially a specific self-help show. She has delusions of rising above her current dull existence by being a guest thereon show.

Her son, Harry (Jared Leto) may be a junkie but along side his friend Tyrone (Marlon Wayans) has visions of creating it big by becoming a pusher . Harry’s girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connelly) might be dressmaker or artist but is swept along in Harry’s drug-centric world.

Meanwhile Sara has generated  an addiction of her own. She desperately wants to reduce then goes on a crash program involving popping pills, pills which end up to be very addictive and harmful to her psychological state .

Mulholland drive(2001)


A dark-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) is left amnesiac after a car crash. She wanders the streets of Los Angeles in a daze before taking refuge in an apartment. Then Betty(Naomi Watts ) discoveres her, a wholesome Midwestern blonde who has come to the town of Angels seeking fame as an actress.

Together, the 2 plan to solve the mystery of Rita’s true identity. The story is set in a dream like  in Los Angeles, spoilt neither due to traffic jams nor smog.





Donnie Darko (2001)


Donnie Darko is a Psychological Thriller about Donnie, a young fellow who ends up being in the centre of a story full of bizarre happenings.

A young Jake Gyllenhaal plays Donnie. His sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, plays his sister in the film – Elizabeth Darko. The rest of the Darkos are pretty normal and have a regular life.

Donnie, however, has emotional issues and needs to see a therapist regularly. He sleepwalks and finds himself in the middle of random places in the mornings. This is how the movie begins, with Donnie sleeping on a road someplace

It is a brilliant film which sends your mind wandering in the fourth dimension for many years after watching the film



Eight friends get together for a dinner while a comet is passing overhead. After an influence blackout across the neighbourhood strange events start occurring. Venturing bent investigate why a specific house has lights, the buddies find themselves during a world where alternate versions of themselves exist.





The butterfly effect(2004)


College student Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) is afflicted with headaches so painful that he frequently blacks out. While unconscious, Evan is in a position to travel back in time to difficult moments in his childhood.

He also can alter the past for friends, like Kayleigh (Amy Smart),father (Eric Stoltz) who molested her. But changing the past can drastically alter this , and Evan finds himself in nightmarish alternate realities, including one where he’s locked away in prison.








The film portrays the kidnapping of a touch girl of 10, who is out together with her father for the day.

Her parents are divorced and her stepfather (a cop) steps certain the investigation. The suicidal mother who has an ax to grind with both her ex-husband and her current husband.

because the investigation proceeds, the characters are placed in sordid scenarios that reveal their unsavory sides;

The mind games between the both the fathers especially lend the procedural its most gripping drama as everyone else is getting greedy and ugly especially not caring about the kidnapped girl.


so these are Some Underrated Psycho Thriller You Need To Watch.

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